Bathtime Book Club – July

Ready to find some summer reading? Here is what I read in recently, many of these would be great summer reading.


The Hopefuls – A New York newlywed, Beth was on board when her husband, Matt, decided to follow his political dreams all the way to Washington D.C. Yet soon after they move to D.C., Beth realizes that she hates everything about it. Then the couples meets a couple from Texas that changes everything. They become inseparable with this couple. This book follows along their relationship, how it grew, was tested, and what became of it after a heated election. I love politics, so I liked this book. I enjoyed seeing the “inside” and how some of it works. It got a little slow at times and you knew where it was going yet I did want to see how it ended.


The Wedding Sisters – I grabbed this book because Jason’s (my hubby) always says that we are giving one big wedding. All our girls can get married on the same day. This book starts when one of three girls gets engaged to a prominent family. Soon thereafter, the other two sisters follow. To save money, mom convinces the girls to have one big wedding. The middle of this book got a little slow but at the end, I couldn’t put it down because I couldn’t wait to see how it all played out. This wasn’t my favorite book I’ve read recently, but I did want to finish it.


The Hideaway – This book was a pure delight. I loved the quirky characters. It was told in past and present tense, switching between the story of a grandmother and her granddaughter. The characters were well developed and I just adored reading about them. I loved reading this book and stayed up really late on a trip to finish it.


What to Say Next – I bought this book off an amazon recommendation. I didn’t realize when I got it that it was a young adult book. When I started the book, I was questioned if I send it back. I don’t really read YA and I had a huge pile of books I wanted to read. I decided to stick with it and I’m so glad that I did. This book made me laugh and cry, I cheered for the characters and at times, wanted to give them a piece of my mind. I’m going to make both of my pre-teens read this book because it gives great insight on how to love people well in the midst of grief and struggles.


Class Mom – I had several friends recommend this book. It was not my favorite. The storyline revolves around a mom who is older than the rest of the moms, but gets asked to be class mom. She is jaded and sends emails of that accord to the class. The rest of the book revolves around a desired affair. There isn’t much a plot and I kind of just wanted the book to be over. If you’re looking for a book where you don’t even have to think, and can keep putting it down and picking it back up because you don’t really have to remember what happened, this is it.

Thanks for reading along with me! I hope that you find a book to read the rest of the summer.

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