Mom Hack Monday – End of School

Mom Hack Monday – End of School year

This time of year is nuts if you have kiddos in school. It’s worse than Christmas. It feels like a years worth of activities crammed into one month. This spring feels super weird as we still have one in preschool and one graduating high school, so we are covering all the things.

Couple of things we do at the end of the year:

1. Each of my kids has a Oh, the Places You’ll Go book for their teachers to sign. I usually send it about the second week of May because their month is just as crazy as yours.

2. I make sure before school gets out, that I get a day just for me. This might mean missing one of the bajillion activities this time of year, but you’ll thank yourself that second week of summer when you’re kids are trying to find their summer groove.

3. I’ve already wrapped teacher gifts and written teacher thank you notes. It’s one less than to take care of this time of year.

Need teacher gift ideas? Ask, I love finding the perfect gift.

What are your end of year survival hacks? What do you need help with?

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