Five on Friday – 4/3

My five favorite things this week:

1. This dress, I bought this dress for my conference last week and it was awesome. I felt like I was wearing my nightgown and yet looked cute.


2. These booties, these are actually my favorite purchase of the last year. I wear these shoes all the time, I’ve walked Vegas in them, the conference last week and my feet didn’t hurt!


3. Someone told me about this children’s book and it was perfect for one of our girls that is struggling right now with how God made her.


4. After traveling for 5 weeks, my face can’t figure out what to do and is freaking out. This mask is keeping it in line. I’ve done it every night this week.


5. I posted on Facebook about this, but my Simplified Planner has been amazing this last year. I ordered the academic planner yesterday. I realized that my life operates in academic years and I need to have the whole school year when school starts. I write all appointments on the life and my running to do list on the right.



What have been your favorites this week?

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