You Can’t Be All the Moms

One of the things I hear more than anything else from moms of young kids is “how do you do it all?”.

My answer, “I don’t do it all. I don’t even try to do it all.”

Every mom is different, every mom is uniquely gifted. That means you are uniquely gifted. God knew your gifts and strengths when He gave you the child He gave you.

There are all of kinds of moms – clean mom, party mom, craft mom, gourmet chef mom, entrepreneur mom, organized mom, fit mom, decorator mom, working mom, relaxed mom, activity mom, bento box mom, and I could go on all day.

Here’s the thing, you can’t be all those moms. You just can’t. If you try, you will feel defeated and frustrated. I think the times I have been most frustrated (read angry) and felt overwhelmed with life were times I was trying to be all the moms. I think social media exacerbates the frustration because you only see people doing their rockstar mom thing.

You could look at the pic above and think all kinds of things. Look she’s making cookies with her kids. No one is crying. There isn’t flour everywhere. Her kids match. Her hair is done. Her kitchen is clean. But here’s the truth, I’m pretty sure a kid cried at some point. I went to dry bar to get my hair done. Someone came and cleaned my house literally an hour before we took these. This was part of our Christmas card photos (thanks Julie Norine!). So this is not the real life pic!

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that some of those things I can rock. They are my gift. I can cook my with my kids. I’m not real great about cleaning after. I need to quit trying to be the other moms, it’s overwhelming and doesn’t bless my family at all.

One thing I’ve quit trying to be is birthday party mom. They’re just not my favorite. When we had Gage, I loved them. I was planning one party a year. Then there were 7 and now they’re a total whip. So guess what? We stopped doing them. And do you know what? No one even seems to notice. We usually let our kids pick a couple of friends and go do something special for their birthday. Sometimes I toss a treat in the front yard and invite neighbors over to celebrate.

Does this mean I judge the birthday party mom? Nope, not at all. It’s just not my thing, and I’m so glad it’s hers, my kids love going to her parties! We need both to make the world go round.

So moms, own what kind of mom you are. Quit trying to be the mom that you are not. Your family and kids will be blessed because I guarantee you will be a happier, calmer mom.

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  1. Love this!!! Social media-Pinterest-Insta-Mom-Perfect life give us such a false sense of reality. Thanks for the reminder to be the Mom that God created us to be!

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