Mommy Time-Out

So one thing I told myself when I started this blog was that I was never going to allow this blog to be something I stressed about. One thing I feel like do well is when I’m spinning lots of plates, I know which plate to let drop. This took a lot of failure, tears, and perseverance but I’ve gotten to a place where I understand that plates are going to drop and it will be ok. The world will keep spinning if I drop a plate.

I used to think I had to be the one who did it all. If I didn’t do it, no one else will. You know what I’ve learned, even if no one else does, it is ok.

Due to different circumstances, our Christmas break was beautifully exhausting. It was 3 weeks of non-stop family activities. By the end, I was emotionally and physically spent. Like worse than newborn tired. I called a mommy time-out this weekend and it was amazing. I slept, I ate by myself (which is one of my favorite things to do), I read, I prayed, I took walks, but mostly I just didn’t worry about taking care of others all weekend.

When the kids were little, time-outs looked like a nap, a walk around the block, crawling into bed early to read. Now I’m able to getaway for a weekend.

So if you’re in a spot where you are completely drained as a mom, let some plates drop. Focus on the plates that are important, your relationship with God, your husband, and your kids. Then if you have time and energy for more plates, add them.

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  1. Wise words from one so young… we senior citizens may not have as many plates spinning like you do any more, but your words are something we should heed as well!

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