My Favorite Things Day 4 -Gifts that Give Back

There are three businesses I love that give back and they each have some of my favorite items. Today, on Giving Tuesday, consider making a couple of purchases that give back.

One of my favorite organization’s is Field of Dreams Uganda.

Their mission is:

We provide hope to the orphaned and vulnerable children of Uganda through the vehicles of soccer and education.

Fields of Dreams Uganda believes that the power of sports in a child’s life can make a lasting impact, and often a quality education is the only thing that can lift a child out of poverty.​

Great mission, huh? There are several incredible ways to support them.

  1. Buy from their shop. These kitchen utensils are one of my favorite things to gift. I feel like I always need new serving pieces and these are nice. kitchen-7_1024x102446516143_10156950205057422_1057107858044223488_o
  2. If you have someone on your list that doesn’t need anything, consider donating a hygiene kit in their name. What is a hygiene kit? A hygiene kit ensures that each girl can attend classes and train for soccer during their monthly cycles. This kit includes five washable pads, two pad storage bags, two large bars of soap, one wash basin, one drying rack, three pair of underwear and one storage bag. Their goal this year is to distribute 2,000 hygiene kits. Can you help them do that? 46972251_10156957511137422_8797371741346201600_n
  3. You can always just give a monetary gift. Here is some numbers for you:
    • $25 provides a hygiene kit for a young girl and boy at our schools

    • $50 covers a primary school term

    • $100 covers a secondary school term

    • $400 brings a Rachel Plus technology device to a partner school

    • $650 covers a semester of college.


Today, consider how to make your gifts go further.

Two other companies that give back that I love are Prosper Candles and Starfish Project. I met the people from Prosper Candles at a recent vendor show and loved their story. Their candles smell great and help women get back on their feet. Starfish Project makes beautiful jewelry to provide hope to women in Asia.



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