My Favorite Things Day 3-Beautycounter

Cyber Monday. I feel like Cyber Monday now is just trying to be bigger and better than Black Friday. It’s slightly overwhelming.

Beautycounter is one of my favorite things. I love that I know I’m using safer products and they’re good. They perform.

Gregg Renfrew is committed to bringing safer products to everyone. I love being on mission with her.

I’m going to list my 10 top favorite products but it is really hard to even narrow it down to that.


  1. Overnight Resurfacing Peel – This is our number one seller right now and my personal favorite. Everyone loves it. It makes your skin feel so soft and helps get rid of fine lines.
  2. Countercontrol Cleanser – I recently let someone borrow mine and I missed it! It has a little grit and I think has really helped my hormonal acne.
  3. Baby Balm – My kids totally make fun of me because if they have any kind of problem, I ask, “have you put baby balm on it?”. Because it’s that good. It solves all the problems. Dry skin, rash, chapped lips, angry skin, they all love baby balm.
  4. Charcoal Mask – Detox defined. This gets rid of all the junk that gets in your skin. You will feel fresh faced and less clogged.
  5. Tint Skin – Just a pea size amount of this will even skin tone and give you coverage. Some days this is and blush is the only makeup I wear. product-images-2063-gallery-imgs-bc_sl_all_shades_on_arms_web_image_4
  6.  Lip Sheer in Currant– I love color on my lips. These lip sheers are perfect for a little color. They moisturize your lips and they are vanilla scented. I love them.
  7. Rejuvenating Night Cream – This is my favorite night cream during the winter. It helps keep dry skin away and it smells so good. I use it after the peel.
  8. Baby Oil – Best thing for smooth legs
  9. Concealer – I haven’t slept in 12 years. I rely on this concealer to make me not look as exhausted as I actually am. And it does the job. I love the brush on the end.
  10. Sunscreen Stick – I keep this little sunscreen stick in my purse at all times. In Texas, the sun can be damaging pretty much all the time. This is great to swipe cheeks and noses. product-images-3044imgs-sunscreen80_pdp

Today, attach your order to the social Mom Hack Monday’s Cyber Monday social and someone will win the hostess rewards. Right now, you can get the eyeshadow palette for 1/2 off if you host a show.

So switch to safer for you, or help someone you know and love switch to safer.

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