Snowman Drawing Ornament

This is the easiest class party craft. I think it totally depicts different kids personalities, plus I love that they write their name. I think sometimes we forget how their handwriting changes over time.


White Matte Shatterproof Ornaments

Black Sharpies

Ribbon or Bakers Twine

Step 1: I go ahead and put the ribbon or twine in the ornaments before I give one to each kid.

Step 2: Give each kid their ornament and a sharpie. I usually get about 1 sharpie for every 2 kids and just leave them with the teacher when we are done.

Step 3: Make sure they write their name on the back and the year.

Step 4: Have them draw a snowman.

Viola! Done. A simple, easy craft. I did this with Gage’s class when he was in 3rd grade. He drew a belly button on the snowman and then an arrow pointing to the belly button and wrote “belly button”. To this day, I giggle when I unpack his ornament. Totally 3rd grade boy humor.

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