Stained Glass Ornaments


This is perfect for all ages. I’ve done this craft with groups kids ages 3-10.

Supplies needed:

Ceramic ornament

Foam Brushes

Liquid Elmer’s Glue

Tissue Paper of all colors

Sticky Rhinestones

Bakers Twine

Step 1: I have each kid write their name on the back of the ornament with a sharpie. I like the ornaments below from Hobby Lobby. They have lots of different shapes and they come in a 2 pack.


Step 2: Using a foam brush, put a thin layer of Elmer’s glue on the top of the ornament and on the sides.

Step 3: Put the tissue paper squares on the ornament. I generally give each kid about 10-15 squares to start. I have them cut into approximately 1″ squares.

Step 4: Put a thin coat of glue on top of tissue paper and on the sides. This is when kiddos usually need a little help. Sometimes they struggle to fold the tissue paper down on the sides.

Step 5: Let glue dry. This is a great time to go read a book in the circle or play a game. If they need something to put them on to dry, use a piece of wax paper or even just their desk. The glue will wipe off right away.

Step 6: I put bakers twine through the hole in the top.

Step 7: Give each kid 8-10 rhinestones and let them put them on top of their ornament. I usually precut these and have them with the tissue paper for each kid.


Often, I make a “boat” for each kid. It has their tissue paper, rhinestones, ornament, and paint brush in the boat. It makes everything really easy to pass out during the party as kids finish their snack.


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