Preparing for the Holidays – Part 4 – Class Parties

I love planning parties. Sometimes class parties can seem overwhelming, entertain 20 first graders for an hour?

I have a super simple formula I follow for class parties.

Snack, Craft, and Game or Book

Most class parties are about 45 minutes for us. This gives you 10 minutes for snack, 15 minutes for craft, 10 minutes for a game, then wrap up with a book, clean-up, or play the game again.

Here are some of my favorite ideas for class Christmas (holiday) parties.

  1. Snack – This needs to be simple. This is where I often see parents overdo it. A cookie, some fruit, and maybe a cheese stick is plenty. Cute paper plates and napkins, small water bottles, and done. Sometimes at Christmas, it’s fun to have them decorate the cookies. Some suggestions for that. Get single serving cups from Amazon. Put icing in a cup for each kiddo. Then give each kid two or three of those cups of toppings. Plastic knives for spreading icing, and done. Here’s a mom hack, most grocery stores will sell you blank sugar cookies that are perfect for decorating at a really great price.
  2. Craft – I love coming up with a simple craft for class parties. I have lots of favorites, I’m going to show examples here. This week, each day, there will be a different class craft, the supplies, and then the instructions. Here are some of my favorite class party crafts: Blank ornaments with cute papers, the kids write their five favorite things about the last year in their ornament, add some glitter, done:
  3. Games and Books

One of the best things about this formula is that it makes it super easy to delegate. You can easily break up the party between 3 moms and each take a section.

Favorite Books to Read:

A Wish to be a Christmas Tree

Mr. willoughbys Christmas Tree

The Last Christmas Tree

Song of the Stars

Favorite Games to play:

I’ve played games from this site multiple times and they’ve all been great. Red solo cup tree is the easiest one. I’ve played the balancing the ornaments and the candy cane with the bolts. They were perfect for 3rd and 4th grade.

What are your favorite things to do for class parties?

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