Preparing for the Holiday – Part 3 – Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are an age old tradition. I’ve tried all kinds of different ones.

For us, simple is better. It has to be feasible to get done on a crazy day. We also hold the official calendar loosely and switch around if we need to. This just helps me map it out and make sure I have the supplies we need for any special activities.

I try to do a variety of crafts, games, fun activities, and service projects.

Here is our advent calendar this year (and life, Ella spilled water all over my entire notebook not even minutes before I needed to take this picture):

I always put the activities on the left and the supplies needed on the right.

As you can see, mostly very simple items. The goal is not to overwhelm you, but to create simple, fun memories.

Don’t start something that will stress you out.

Don’t start something you will regret later.

Start something you will look forward to every year with your kids.

2 thoughts on “Preparing for the Holiday – Part 3 – Advent Calendar

  1. This is great! Have to ask…I assume RAK = Random Act of Kindness? Would love to hear more about how y’all execute this! Also, Christmas walk…tell me more!

    1. Yes! Random Act of Kindness. In years last, we’ve done different things. Dollar Tree one – – we put different amounts of cash in envelopes and write merry Christmas on front. We take them on products in the Dollar Tree. We also try to do things for people we see all the time (target employees, ups, postman, etc). Mostly, just trying to get my kids to think outside of themselves. Christmas walk, just walk around neighborhood and look at lights before it gets too cold.

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