Preparing for the Holidays – Part 2 – Personalized Items

Have you made your lists? Are they ready to go?

Next, I look over my lists and see if I want to order anything personalized for anyone. This could include something that needs to be monogrammed or maybe just takes more lead time to prepare.

One thing I order early every year is a personalized ornament for each of my kiddos. Every year, I order an ornament that depicts the previous year. I’m not ever going to get 7 kids lives scrapbooked, so this is their scrapbook. We love pulling them out each year and talking about them.

This year, I ordered their ornaments from Amy Bourgeois Designs. I just sent her pics of what my kids love to do and she made these. We absolutely love them! I mean, look, she even put D’s DECA logo on his stoll. I didn’t even ask her to do that!

Here are some of our previous ornaments:

Twice Baked Clay

Twice Baked Clay also makes the cutest Texas ornaments that I love to give as gifts when people are moving away or just moved here.

Pint Sized Prints

These adorable handprint ornaments are perfect for when the kids are little.

Other great personalized gifts:

Stationary, Vinyl Monograms, or Fun Holiday cups- Between the Sheets

This week, I’ll be showcasing more fun personalized items on Instagram. Follow me there @momhackmondays.

2 thoughts on “Preparing for the Holidays – Part 2 – Personalized Items

  1. We look for ornaments as souvenirs from trips we go on and that is also fun to pull out each year and remember. These personalized ones are fun!

    1. Yes, we do that too! 😬 I might have an ornament problem. My thought is that they will one day get their personalized ones, I get to keep the trip ones.

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