Preparing for the Holidays – Part 1 – Making Lists

It isn’t just Santa that has to make lists and check them twice, moms could teach Santa a thing or two. Keeping everything organized during the holidays is a task itself.

I love the holidays, like absolutely love them, but I don’t love being stressed during the holidays. I want to enjoy the festivities and tradition with my kids and not feel bogged down by them.

So, I start preparing in September. Don’t worry, it’s not too late for you. This week, I’m starting a series on preparing and if you do these simple tasks each week, you will be more prepared!

The first thing I do is I make lists. I make all my lists in my favorite notebooks, May Books, and keep this in my purse.

I make 3 kinds of lists:

1. Gift list – I write down every single gift I give, from family to teachers to the mailman. Every single person who I give a gift to, is written down on a list. As I have ideas or purchase items, I write them in pencil by that person’s name and when I wrap it, they get a big W by the gift.

Our kiddos each get 3 gifts from us (we don’t do Santa, that’s another post for another day). I have found that giving 3 gifts really makes me think about what my kids want/need most and really helps reduce clutter in our home.

2. Event list

I write down every event that we host during the holidays. We host several craft parties, I write down every single craft we are going to make and what supplies I need. For events that I will be serving food, I go ahead and make a menu plan so I can make a list of what ingredients I need.

If it’s not an event I’m hosting, but I know I take food every year, I write that down. For example, we always spend Christmas Eve with Jason’s family. I know already what I’m going to take and can go ahead and write that down. I even write down stuff I know I have on hand just so I can make sure I have enough of that item.

3. Advent list

Our “advent” festivities are we do something as family every day in December. These are not usually fancy things but as I think of ideas, I write them down.

Once I have my lists, I know what needs to be tackled. I feel more prepared to handle the holidays and not be stressed.

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