My First and Last Theory

I have a theory about just anything in life.

The beginning and the end are the hardest part, specifically the first and the last. But the middle always makes the hard worth it.

Think about it….

First and last hour of a road trip. You go from this going to be the best trip of our lives to in the first hour to how much longer am I going to me confined in this hell hole with all my children. You get going, kids figure their lives out, you’re an hour from your destination and the whole thing falls apart again.

First and last week of summer. First week of summer, you’re ambitious, kids tear through your entire summer of planned activities in the first week. You’re frantically searching for summer camps, anything, because this isn’t going to work out. Then everyone finds their groove and summer becomes so much fun. You’re thinking I never want summer to end. I love having everyone home with me. No schedule. No commitments. Last week of summer is basically mayhem. Kids don’t want to go back, so they completely lose their business. Mom is ready for routine, so she completely loses her business that the kids are losing their business. This is summer! This is our last week together!!! ENJOY IT!!!!

First and last month of school. You guys, every single year, year after the year, this one just about kills me. Doesn’t matter how much I gear myself up, it just seems so hard. First month of school, new routines, new friends, new teachers to learn. So much adjustment. Then October comes, glorious. Everyone is finally getting adjusted. Everyone rocks and rolls in general until May, and May just about kills kids and parents alike. My kids are always so conflicted in May. They are so sad about goodbyes to teachers but so ready for summer.

The beginning and end of life. Enough said.

Sometimes as moms it’s so hard to see past the beginnings and know that we will get through it. No matter how hard things are sometimes, this too shall pass. So embrace change with your kiddos, the way you respond and adapt teaches your kids.

How do we embrace change with our kids? Lots of Grace for you and them. Flexibility. Give yourself grace to say no (a lot). When going through big change, focus on what will be best for your family and don’t worry about anyone else.

It’s October now, let’s celebrate we made it through the beginning of school and we are in the middle. Enjoy it, celebrate it, and pat yourself on the back for getting through the first month of school.

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