Date Night is the Best Night

Jason and I love date night. Especially when the kids were little, I felt like we hardly had real conversations unless it was date night. We are a better married couple when we date.

We have always made date night a priority. Our goal is once a week, but there have been seasons, it has just been twice a month.

We have friends that like mid-week date nights, I like to be at home during the week, so we prefer weekends.

Find something you both love and do it. Explore your town. Whatever you do, spend time enjoying each other and remembering why you first fell in love.

The top questions I get about having a date night when the kids are little are the following:

  1. How do you find babysitters? Ask around from neighbors. Ask preschool teachers. Ask people who help at church in childcare or Children’s ministry. Trade with another family, you keep their kids one night and they keep yours. Some people are able to put their kids to bed early, and enjoy date night at home. Bedtime with our kids is pretty much like playing whack a mole for several hours, so that has never worked for us but I know others have had great success with early bedtimes.
  2. How do you afford date night? I think you will budget for what is a priority. If date night is a priority, you will find the budget for it. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Some of our top date nights weren’t crazy expensive nights or over the top, they’ve been simple, just time for the two of us. We also ask for date night gift cards for just about any holiday.

Get a date night on the calendar, and then get another one on the calendar. Prioritize your relationship now.

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