This is Me

Welcome to Mom Hack Mondays! My name is Alissa Bennett. I have been married to Jason since March of 2006. We have seven kiddos, yes, we know what causes that. Our kiddos range from age 4 to 18, Pre-K to College. I love Jesus, coffee, road trips, being in the kitchen with my kiddos, mambo taxis, and a good hardback book.


One of my favorite things to do is mentoring new moms in our church’s new mom ministry, Square One. I love getting to watch them and their kiddos grow. Maybe because we have 7 kids or maybe because I’m an open (completely honest) book, people always ask me lots of questions about parenting. As some of the questions started to be the same, I came up with the idea of Mom Hack Mondays. We all need help, we all have good ideas, and parenting seasons are constantly changing, leaving us with new challenges.


My heart is that this blog helps you realize, we all get by with a little help from our friends. Parenting is a collaborative effort and every kid is different, every family is different, but we all have a story to share.

Need a Mom Hack for something? Have a Mom Hack to share? Comment here!

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