Halloween Happenings

We love holidays around the Bennett House, anything to celebrate and have friends gather.

So do we celebrate Halloween? Heck yes!

Is there any other holiday that forces to you go say hello to your neighbors and engage with them? Nope. Do we make things scary? Nope.

We fully believe that Halloween is a key opportunity to love your neighbors. So on Halloween, you will find kids running in and out of our house. You will find the firepit raging with people gathered around it. You will find kids grabbing cupcakes even though they’re full of of candy. You will find adults picking at the last bit of chili. You will find conversations being had that wouldn’t happen otherwise. You will find people getting to know each other that maybe would have never been in the same spot.


We do not stress about Halloween though. My house is usually picked up but not clean. I make sure there’s toilet paper, food, and an open door.

My kids can dress up or not dress up. My kids often choose to wear the one piece pjs from Cat and Jack, they’re comfortable and we can rewear them. Win. The evening is all about engaging with neighbors and enjoying a night where everyone is out and about.

So put on that big pot of chili, go to Sam’s and buy lots of cupcakes, and open that front door!

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